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Pastor's Testimony

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Thank you for taking the time to read my testimony of how I became a follower of Jesus. I have given a detailed description of how Jesus brought me to Himself and MADE ME a follower of Him. I hope it will help you.

Between the ages of 17 to 21 I went from 3.8 GPA honor student with designs on going to college, working towards a degree in Electrical Engineering and getting married, to full time partier, part time human. How? Simple, I got tired of being good. I felt like I was missing out. Many of my friends were into partying and I thought “let’s just try it for one year”. That was a big mistake. By 21 I pretty much gave up on having ANY kind of future. I remember thinking “I’m not going to go back to school,” and every marriage I knew had ended in divorce. That was the end of all the hopes and dreams of my younger years.

The turning point in my life came when I found myself sleeping on the floor of a studio apartment with ten other people just like me, headed nowhere. I got up one morning and said “NO MORE.” I went out and got a job that day. I called a friend and shared an apartment with him. Things were going pretty well. I still partied but it was much more under control and I was able to hold a job.

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At Christmas 1982 I came into contact with an old friend I hadn’t seen in years that had become a follower of Jesus. I had a very bad experience in my younger years with church and my attitude was “If there is a God, He doesn’t go to church.” That’s how bad the experience was. I saw only RELIGIOUS SCHIZOPHRENICS. I say that because the word HYPOCRITE implies knowingly living a double life. They didn’t seem to know. They talked about God but lived like He didn’t exist. Not for me.

Because of that my friend had a very difficult time trying to convince me to go to church with him. He invited me several times and every time I told him “NO.” I think he was even about to give up on me when he came to invite me for the last time. Again I said “No.” He said, “Alright” without any argument and put his hand on my shoulder and prayed silently and turned to leave. As he prayed, a voice inside of me said “Go with him.” I told him I would go.

During the service things happened that never happened in other churches I visited but the main thing was GOD invited me to know Him. At first I was unsure because of my past experiences but came to the conclusion that I needed to find out if there was anything to this. That night, I prayed to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior and SURRENDERED my life to Him. In that moment I was totally transformed. I walked out different that night.

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Page 3

I already knew that IF God was real I wasn’t going to heaven. That was a no brainer because of the party life I was living, but the real transformation was twofold. For one, I understood WHY the way I was living was wrong. Concepts and principles came to my mind that I never considered before that made perfect sense to me. The second thing was the change itself. I had NO desire for that life anymore. I was defending it only an hour earlier (What’s wrong with pot? Why is sleeping with someone you love wrong just because you’re not married? Etc.)! From that MOMENT I was changed; never to be the same.

Over 37 years later I’m still changed and CHANGING all the time!

I’ve been married for 37 years, raised three kids who are all following Jesus as well. My two daughters and one son are married all having “waited until the wedding night.” I have ten grandchildren to date. I truly live a blessed life!

After I began following Jesus, I decided that it would be a good time to go back to school, but God made it clear to me that He had other plans for my life. I choose His plan, abandoning mine. I have been a pastor for 27 years in four churches and three different countries; I have no regrets and plenty of joyful memories!

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Page 4

My whole purpose in life now is to help others to maneuver through the murky waters of RELIGION like what I experienced as a young man and to find THE TRUTH as it is in Jesus Christ; His salvation and forgiveness that only comes through turning from sin.

I am here to help you. Marriage, children, parenting, drug, or just life problems; I can lead you to the solution! What Jesus has done for me, He can do for you… AND MORE!

Please send me a message or call me from the Contact Us section. I would like to hear from you.

Pastor David Ford