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Welcome to The Door Christian Fellowship,
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Becoming a TRUE follower of Jesus

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Thank you for reading this introduction into EXACTLY what being a follower of Jesus is all about.

First, let me say that we are UNASHAMEDLY followers of Jesus. I know a lot of people SAY that but let’s be honest, how many people have you met that you would say “they are DEFINITELY a follower of Jesus?” If you had, then you probably wouldn’t need to be here because they would have told you how to become a follower of Jesus!

We believe everyone instinctively knows what it means to be a follower of Jesus and our aim is to BE that definition, not just talk about it.

I told someone once “OUR CHURCH IS DIFFERENT” and he said “THAT’S WHAT THEY ALL SAY.” I knew he was right but that didn’t stop me from trying to prove it! Thanks again for giving us the chance.

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Let me first introduce myself. My name is David Ford and I am the pastor of The Door Christian Fellowship in San Mateo, CA. But this isn’t about me or our church. It’s about FOLLOWING JESUS. For now, I would like you to think of me as a tour guide on a journey.

We will start with Jesus the Person and talk about how God took on the form of a man in the person of Jesus Christ. Then we will go into Jesus The Church Builder and discuss the role of the church in following Jesus. Then we will discuss Jesus and The Bible and talk about the importance of the bible in following Jesus. I have also included Pastor’s Testimony as an added personal touch.

This is NOT meant to be an EXHAUSTIVE STUDY but a CLEAR SUMMARY of what it means ACCORDING TO JESUS to be a follower of HIS.

I really believe this will resonate with something inside you and you will want to become a FOLLOWER of JESUS.

Feel free to use the Contact Us page and call me or send me a message. It is my heart’s desire that you become a follower of Jesus.

Let’s begin our tour with Jesus The Person (see below).